Disclaimer policy



The member should undertake to pay the Society at the place of business at Kolkata on and after these date the monthly
installments with due interest, as per the claim sheet. If the rate of interest is subsequently changed by the Society, member needs to pay interest at the changed rate on this loan from date affecting the change.

The member needs to   authorize the Junior Engineers’ (Telecom) Co-operative Credit Society Ltd. to demand recovery of the loan  together with interest due thereon by deduction inconsecutive months from the  pay or leave salary as the case may be, through disbursing officer of the office in which member is presently posted or will be posted in future.


The member also needs to register himself/herself through E-NACH facility extended by JE(T)CCS Ltd for collection of thrift fund and monthly installment of loan disbursed and interest thereon (if any).


In any case, if the recovery of dues fails through ECS facility or  If the disbursing officer fails to recover the dues of the Society from my pay on any occasion, member needs to   I undertake the responsibilities of paying the dues of the Society direct to the Society. Otherwise penal action will be taken against the member as per the by-laws.


If at any time a member fails to comply with the Bye-laws of the Society, the Society will have full authority to declare
the total amount of outstanding loan with interest and cost involving recovery, if any, immediately payable and
recoverable from the member.