Loans & Advances

Presently we offer four types of loan:

Type of Loan Maximum Loan Amount

Maximun No                            of installments (Months)

Locking period Eligibility            Number of Surities
Emergency/Short-term Loan  Rs. 1,05,000/- (wef 01.07.18)      15 (Fifteen) Monthly  installments 3 Months Minimum 3 (Three) months membership is required  Two
Mid-term/Intermediate Loan  Rs. 2,10,000/- (wef 01.07.18)     30 (Thirty) Monthly  installments 6 months Minimum 6 (Six) months membership is required  Three
Long-term Loan  Rs.3,60,000/-  (wef 01.07.18)    

60 (Sixty) Monthly  installments

 ( wef 01.07.2018)

1 year Minimum 1 year 6 months membership is required  Three
Special Long-term Loan  Rs. 6,00,000/- (wef 01.07.18)     60 (Sixty) Monthly  installments 1 year Minimum 3 (Three) years membership is required Three















Other general conditions:

Interest on loan  7.2 %
Guarantee Fund & Share                      2% (Two percent) Guarantee Fund (Except emergency loan) and 10% (Ten percent) or proportionate Share ( Maximum Share amount is limited to Rs. 48000/-) will be deducted at the time of  disbursement of loan
Address and service of  Surities 

1. Atleast One surity  should have permanent address within the state of West Bengal only.

2.Surities are to be in Service till the loan completion of Loanee.


  • Renewal of Loan will be sanctioned after recovery of 50% of existing loan.
  • There will be NO PENALTY for pre closure of loan after locking period.
  • No penalty is chargeable if the existing loan is adjusted with new loan.
  • Maximum share value will be limited to Rs.48,000/- only.