Terms & Conditions


(I) Minimum cadre is in the grade of Junior Engineers (J.E.) [Erstwhile T.T.A.] of B.S.N.L.
(II) Executives of Accounts cadre are also eligible
(II) Disbursing Officer in West Bengal;
(III) Not attached with any other registered society of B.S.N.L. ;
(IV) Civil, Electrical, P.A., P.S. are also eligible for membership ;
(V) Residing outside West Bengal but D.O. in West Bengal.


(I) Emergency/Short-term Loan–Rs.105,000/- (maximum 15 instalments)
[ Two sureties* are required ] [Eligibility : 3 months salary deduction ]
(II) Mid-term/Intermediate Loan–Rs.210,000/- (maximum 30 instalments)
[ Three sureties* are required ] [Eligibility : 6 months membership]
(III) Long-term Loan – Rs.3,60,000/- (maximum 60 instalments)
[ Three sureties* are required ] [Eligibility : 1 & 1/2 year membership ]
(IV) Special Long-term Loan – Rs.6,00,000/- (maximum 60 instalments)
[ Three sureties* are required ] [Eligibility : 3 years membership ]
A member is eligible to get 3 (Three) type of Loan at a time along with Emergency/Short-term Loan- Rs.105,000/- i.e. Mid-term/Intermediate Loan–Rs.2,10,000/- , Long-term Loan – Rs.3,60,000/- OR Special Long-term Loan – Rs.6,00,000/-
*Sureties are to be in Service till the loan completion of Loanee.
*All Surities ( for all types of loan) should have permanent address within the state of West Bengal only.


For further details please contact our office.